Why Choose Cyprus?

Tons of reasons why you should incorporate your company on our island


Cyprus is a member of the EU and a modern international business and financial centre, with excellent infrastructure, situated at a strategic geographical location and time zone. English is the most widely used business language and the Cyprus Legal System is based on English Common Law.
Shipping companies ·are fully exempt from all direct taxes and are subject to taxation under the tonnage tax regime.

The Republic of Cyprus is a Member State of the European Union and a member of the Eurozone. Cyprus is an independent, sovereign Republic with a presidential system of government and a written constitution which safeguards the rule of law, political stability, human rights and the ownership of property. Cyprus is a member of the British commonwealth, Council of Europe, IMF, UN, World Bank and WTO and is signatory to many international conventions and treaties.

Cyprus’ close links to Great Britain as part of the British Empire (it was a British Crown Colony until achieving independence in 1960) mean that its legal and judicial system is very much aligned with that of the United Kingdom. As such, Cyprus’ primary corporate statutes are based on and derived from English company legislation and its legal system is modeled on the English common law system. Cyprus legislation is fully compliant with European Union Legislation. European Union Directives are fully implement into local legislation and European Union Regulations have direct effect and application in Cyprus.

Cyprus has a favourable tax system with very beneficial double tax treaties with over 40 countries and has established itself as a tax-incentive country and not a “tax haven”.
Fees for professional services provided in Cyprus are very low compared to other EU jurisdictions. Cyprus also has excellent telecommunications infrastructure and air connections

The procedures for registering a company with the relevant authorities in Cyprus can be completed within a few days, for a fairly standard operating model. In the case of using an already existing company, this timeframe can be reduced even further. We provide a one-stop-shop that aims to fulfill the needs of firms and individuals during their first months in Cyprus and thereafter.
Fees for professional services provided in Cyprus are very low compared to other EU jurisdictions. Cyprus also has excellent telecommunications infrastructure and air connections.

Business activities which are ideally suited to the Cyprus tax environment include: Holding Companies· Foreign sourced dividends are exempt from tax under easily met conditions. Disposals of shares and other qualifying titles, such as corporate bonds, are exempt from tax provided the disposed company does not own any real estate in Cyprus. Generally there are no withholding taxes on payments from Cyprus.
International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the European Union (“EU IFRS”)

Cyprus has a mature professional services sector with highly educated and multilingual professionals. As an indication Cyprus was the first country outside the UK that has been approved by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to qualify Chartered Accountants locally, without the need to work in the UK.
Intellectual property Companies· 80% exemption of the net royalty income which gives an effective tax rate of 2.5%. Investment Funds Trading in securities is essentially a tax-exempt activity.

Constitutes local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”) in Cyprus and also forms the basis for the computation of taxable income for all Cyprus tax resident entities. Therefore, Cyprus registered entities need only maintain one set of financial information for financial reporting and tax purposes alike, based on a reporting framework widely accepted by investors, financiers and analysts across the globe.
Cyprus Corporate Income Tax is at a very competitive flat rate.